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actionable data + analytics

Translating Smarter Business Decisions.

Data analysis can be intimidating, but it’s essential to an effective digital media strategy. These insights give us an understanding of how campaigns perform against key objectives, who the audience is and how they engage with them, and what changes can be made to increase their effectiveness. With so much data available to support your digital media efforts, having the right tools and processes to collect, analyze, and interpret it all is vital to translating it into meaningful action.

Let us uncover the story behind the numbers and provide visibility into the real effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. We’ll use data analytics, digital technology, and market research to power the creation of highly-targeted, hyper-relevant creation campaigns and measure their ROI, allowing you to make smarter, better-informed marketing decisions moving forward.

  • Customer Modeling + Audience Development
  • Tagging + Tracking
  • Attribution
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Reporting
  • Data Integration

Using previous customer demographics, behaviors, and preferences, we’ll create detailed personas of your target audience to guide all future content creation and strategy. This modeling process will help us build and expand your customer base by identifying and engaging with potential customers who match these criteria, helping you connect with more people likely to engage and convert.

We’ll make sure you can actually trust all your data sources. This confidence comes from ensuring all tags are installed correctly, and ad engines accurately track your conversions. Our media and analytics teams work with you to confirm the consistency of all campaign names and URL parameters across your creative assets.

Go far, far beyond Google Analytics. Use incrementality measurement to have better confidence in your media mix. Measure holistic performance across channels and total web performance. We use the latest geospatial technology for customer match reports and customer match backs to help advance insights and business goals further.

Start turning clicks into actual customers. We work alongside your marketing and development teams to conceptualize, implement, and report on highly intelligent campaigns that increase CRO.

Reporting triumphs opinions. Take the guesswork out of your investments with highly detailed data reporting you can understand. Our custom dashboards offer precise reporting on only the metrics you care about to fuel future conversions on all the right channels.

Get a unified view of all your data from every point along the customer journey. We’ll collaborate closely with your Marketing, Sales, CRM, and Development teams to integrate all offline data into your online ad accounts, providing a more accurate, holistic picture of how to bid for actual customers, not just leads.

Unique challenges require custom solutions

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution — that actually works. We build holistic strategies with a custom approach about you and only you.

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